Sunday, July 03, 2011

sorry guys last night very tired to updated my travel log coz i felt very tired and it kill my idea to write hehe. overall our activity to Cu Chi Tunnels was very amazing and i suggest people who want to visit Ho Chi Minh not to miss there. it make us tired but it worth much. FIY Cu Chi Tunnel were build for Vietnamese army to fight again US army and also French army for the past 5 decade if im not mistaken. the journey to discover Cu Chi tunnel tell a lot how their build, how their operate, how their can wont the war with US army. they also give us a chance to explore and to go in the underground tunnel that make us sweat a lot. in the end the give us ubi kayu and pandan tea to relax. so we went back to Saigon city center in hurry to catch up benh tanh market before their close to find souvenir and other stuff( actually just to fulfill my frenz request).

then we went back to our hotel to get some rest n relax before went to get dinner dat night. it hard to find cheap and halal food here but luckly when we on the way to night market i met some muslim guy who tell us there is village of muslim that sell halal food more cheap but it far from where we stay...i will updated later k cos my


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