Sunday, July 03, 2011

sorry guys last night very tired to updated my travel log coz i felt very tired and it kill my idea to write hehe. overall our activity to Cu Chi Tunnels was very amazing and i suggest people who want to visit Ho Chi Minh not to miss there. it make us tired but it worth much. FIY Cu Chi Tunnel were build for Vietnamese army to fight again US army and also French army for the past 5 decade if im not mistaken. the journey to discover Cu Chi tunnel tell a lot how their build, how their operate, how their can wont the war with US army. they also give us a chance to explore and to go in the underground tunnel that make us sweat a lot. in the end the give us ubi kayu and pandan tea to relax. so we went back to Saigon city center in hurry to catch up benh tanh market before their close to find souvenir and other stuff( actually just to fulfill my frenz request).

then we went back to our hotel to get some rest n relax before went to get dinner dat night. it hard to find cheap and halal food here but luckly when we on the way to night market i met some muslim guy who tell us there is village of muslim that sell halal food more cheap but it far from where we stay...i will updated later k cos my

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Travel Log 1....Stranger in Ho Chi Minh City

Yepp first day in Ho chi minh very hard for us as backpackers because we don’t have much information bout the area and the biggest problem is communication. Very hard to find local people who can speak English well and give us information about our plan to touring place of interest in ho chi minh. Our first day full of challenge for us. Very bad for me and I think the foolish thing I ever done is not to bring my camera battery. Luckly I manage to find replacement with cost me about 200,000 dong.
So our first day begin with shopping at bhen tanh market and for me what a boring activity for the starting day. Then we have our breakfast at VHalal Restaurant near bhen tanh market. The girls going crazy bout the shopping because the said it very cheap-cheap price to shopping here. But the spoil mood is the price of the food is more expensive then we get at KL. After that we went to Le Duan street where my friend want to find stamp and some staff over very classic post office there. The post office look very classic and have their own memory. I took my private tour myself to look around there which I found many interesting places such as war museum and also reunification museum. Very tired to walk there but I learn much from there. In front of the post office there is a huge church what the called notre Dame Colitheral. While im waiting for my friend doing their stuff at post office suddenly I was being interview by group of Vietnam student who do some research about communication (terasa sangat2 bangga time tu) yeah finally somebody acknowledge me as a traveler haha.
After long wait at the post office we heading to Hard Rock Café which is we just to fulfill somebody fanatics to Hard Rock T-Shirt. very interesting think happen also there and my friend now a member of Hard Rock café. Then we go straight to Fa Mu Lau (hope I write it rite) because we get some information from 1 sweet Venezuela ‘awek’ who told us about Sin Café which is heaven for traveler. FYI that street is definitely in front of our hotel across the park. The room rate and also the place is very good for budget travler like us. Very disappointed feeling we have when we knew about that. So we proceed to look some information about our plan to go to Cu Chi tunnel. Lot of agent or package there for all activity at ho chi minh for budget traveler like us.
After long discussion we decided to take private tour to cu chi tunnel that cost us USD 14 including the entrance fee for our tour today. At the same time we also got information for our next travel plan to touring Mekong Delta for a day trip which cost us USD8. the agent is very kind and very honest to us bout all the information cos she can speak englih well . now we heading to Cu Chi Tunnel and I manage to write something about our experience here. Tonight I try to updated our story for today.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Night As Stranger in Saigon

morning all. last night we arrived at ho chi minh international airport at 8.55 local time which is about 10 p.m malaysia time. we were rushing cos we want to check in as soon as posible for us to catch up night market here in benh tanh (i dunno i speel it rite or not). big mistake we dont which is first we didnt check taxi rate from airport to place we were want to go. 2nd i dunno where we where heading cos in our plan my frenz supposed to do dis task but she does not so little bit argument comming there but still we manage to find the best place in town with chep-chep cost haha.

so first day as stranger really happen to us cos we didnt know where we were actually but luckly i bring this netbook to surf bout this place. the big problem as stranger here is comunication cos not much Vietnamese know to speak english so we need to act and also play as 'orang bisu' to ask them anything. also lucky for us to meet some other malaysia citizen who already here about 3 day ago and give us tips and also some information bout places of interest here. yepp muslim food is not much big problem here cos ho chi minh now easy to find cos many muslim citizen around south east asia always visit here so the muslim restaurant can find easy but a bit far from us and we dont know the rate of cos hehe

ok i will continue my travel log later cos my time to get bath hehe..this morning we plan to go to visit benh tanh market, reunification place, post office (cos my fren want to get some stem there) and chu chi tunnel exploration. ok see u later

We on Board...

We on board now heading to Ho Chi Minh city which previously it called Saigon. Our flight was delayed about hour and half so our target slightly of the track but hopefully we can find our hotel to stay ASAP. So our plan tonight is just sight seeing but the girl are planning to go see night market. Lucky I’m not the type person who like to go shopping so this night I would like to sight seeing the nightlife of people in Ho Chi Minh city.
Maybe tonight we got to sleep early coz tomorrow might be a tough journey for us. Our planning to visit Chu Chi Tunnel which is the Vietnamese use this to fight US army when the war. Then if we can finish early we will go to journey of Mekong river which is we already heard it when we in secondary school rite. From my review this might spend a lot for this program but as long as it worth it does matter cos we never know when we can go here again rite.
Susah gak nk mencari masa utk menulis klau pegi travel neh tapi aku nk gak membuat satu cerita epik dimana aku berjaya menjelajahi Indochina selama 6 hari 6 malam ni. Bukan senang nk mendapat peluang macam ni dapat melawat 3 negara dalam satu perjalanan hehe. Tapi ni summer masih dalam perancangan lagi yelah dalam flight boleh berangan macam2 belum tgk keadaan sebenar lagi. Selama seminggu lebih gak aku planning utk road travel dan juga utk kira costing roughly mmg sakit kepala gak la nk fit kn dengan masa dan juga cost yang berpatutan. So far perjalanan kami memang tight la tapi byk gak abis mase utk perjalanan sbb dari satu checkpoint ke checkpoint makan masa dalam 6 jam. Huh stamina mesti kuat dan semangat mesti ada. Lupakan jap labwork aku yg kureng memberansangkan 2 3 arini focus utk tamatkan pengembaraan neh.
Backpackers ni bukan hanya utk aku berjalan-jalan tapi utk aku mempelajari banyak benda yang selama ini aku dengar or dapat baca jek. So peluang yang ada mesti digunakan sebaik yang mungkin. Selama ni kita hanya tau Negara-negara di Indochina ni merupakan Negara dunia ketiga tapi sejak kebelakangan ini minat rakyat Malaysia melawat ke Negara ini memang semakin meningkat. Ape yang ada di Vietnam, kemboja dan juga Thailand dari sudut pandangan aku ni. Jauh perjalanan luas pemandangan itu yang ada dalam fikiran aku. Diharapkan semua yang dirancang menjadi. Adeh selingan neh…comel lak stewardess air asia kali ni sejuk mata memandang….confirm korang cakap aku menggatalkan haha…saje jek xde koje sbb nk tido xleh neh sbb kureng selesa ngn gangguan tekanan ditelinga neh. Nk beli air mineral mahal sgt naik Air Asia neh xpelah tahan jek dh la lambat n mcm2 karenah staff air asia neh.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Now The Heat Is On

sekian lama ngak berkarya kerana sibuk ngn urusan pembelajaran dan juga urusan kerja sampingan mengambil gambar akhir dapat juga peluang untuk menghantar post baru ke dalam blog ini. almaklumla idea tu datang mcm biskut kejap ade kejap xde so mode menulis tu terbantut. tapi kali ini memaksa diri juga untuk berkarya barang sekerat dua kerana selepas ini akan ada kesinambungan post ini sebab dalam mode backpackers hehe...

anyway this time our target is Indochina but sadly not all Indochina that we can visit because of limitation of time and the big limit is money. we only plan to visit 3 country of SEA which is Vietnam - Cambodia - Thailand. duration time will be 6 day and 6 night covering 984 KM. each country have their own attraction and unique culture but most importantly very different from our motherland Malaysia.

our plan was started early of this year which is just planning but we decided let make it come true so start collecting money now. how bout every month we save about RM150 for this travel and maybe when comes julai we already have a money to go. so we decided to book ticket first which is on that time there is promotion from Air Asia. so i started to save money and adding with some money i get from photography job. so now come the Julai so the heat is on.......

Monday, March 07, 2011

Wedding Photography at Rawang Selangor

lame sudah ngak updated pasal wedding photography neh.....yelah kadang banyak keje lab kadang keje2 amal yg lain dan kadang juga malas tu memang penyakit yg ssh nk ubat....tapi alhamdulilah ade kesempatan yang telah diberikan ini aku pon updated pasal wedding photography....kali ini pasangan Ihsan & Hazimatun...dua2 pasanagn ni sweet jek mase shoot sbb masing2 sporting...mula2 malu2 kucing gak last2 layan gak shooting ga,bar sweet2 neh....kali ini sy shooting bersama ngn anak sedara Ain Najwa

Monday, February 28, 2011

After Sometimes

yepp long time didnt post anything new to my blog...time is very valuable cos time is very desperately needed for me for updating my blog..lot of things happen and lots of thing change all this time but i'm still the man who am i...whatever happen dont lose urself

maybe i will write my blog in short after this cos that the only chance i have or i wrote little cos i didnt got much idea et al....hope after this i will write a lot cos my SV had ask me to start writing my thesis chapter by chapter...hoho

so i also need a new look of my blog so thing gonna change very different after photography experience also have added new stuff so i need a change rite now..get up mahzan