Saturday, July 02, 2011

Travel Log 1....Stranger in Ho Chi Minh City

Yepp first day in Ho chi minh very hard for us as backpackers because we don’t have much information bout the area and the biggest problem is communication. Very hard to find local people who can speak English well and give us information about our plan to touring place of interest in ho chi minh. Our first day full of challenge for us. Very bad for me and I think the foolish thing I ever done is not to bring my camera battery. Luckly I manage to find replacement with cost me about 200,000 dong.
So our first day begin with shopping at bhen tanh market and for me what a boring activity for the starting day. Then we have our breakfast at VHalal Restaurant near bhen tanh market. The girls going crazy bout the shopping because the said it very cheap-cheap price to shopping here. But the spoil mood is the price of the food is more expensive then we get at KL. After that we went to Le Duan street where my friend want to find stamp and some staff over very classic post office there. The post office look very classic and have their own memory. I took my private tour myself to look around there which I found many interesting places such as war museum and also reunification museum. Very tired to walk there but I learn much from there. In front of the post office there is a huge church what the called notre Dame Colitheral. While im waiting for my friend doing their stuff at post office suddenly I was being interview by group of Vietnam student who do some research about communication (terasa sangat2 bangga time tu) yeah finally somebody acknowledge me as a traveler haha.
After long wait at the post office we heading to Hard Rock Café which is we just to fulfill somebody fanatics to Hard Rock T-Shirt. very interesting think happen also there and my friend now a member of Hard Rock café. Then we go straight to Fa Mu Lau (hope I write it rite) because we get some information from 1 sweet Venezuela ‘awek’ who told us about Sin Café which is heaven for traveler. FYI that street is definitely in front of our hotel across the park. The room rate and also the place is very good for budget travler like us. Very disappointed feeling we have when we knew about that. So we proceed to look some information about our plan to go to Cu Chi tunnel. Lot of agent or package there for all activity at ho chi minh for budget traveler like us.
After long discussion we decided to take private tour to cu chi tunnel that cost us USD 14 including the entrance fee for our tour today. At the same time we also got information for our next travel plan to touring Mekong Delta for a day trip which cost us USD8. the agent is very kind and very honest to us bout all the information cos she can speak englih well . now we heading to Cu Chi Tunnel and I manage to write something about our experience here. Tonight I try to updated our story for today.


Huda Engku said...

nak tengok gamba plis...

Nina Aman said...

uihh..sakan jalan..